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What other things do you do while reading?

Hi Readers, How is your weekend going?

Today, I burnt my hand pretty badly because I was so immersed in my book while cooking, I touched a hot pan. Ouch! Yeah, it happens very often and my partner gave me an earful. He asked me why I can’t keep my book aside atleast when I am dealing with fire. Poor guy, he doesn’t understand my obsession. I am sure.. my fellow book worms know what I mean.

I do almost every task while reading. I read while I brush. I bet you could find smudges of toothpaste on most of my books. I read while I eat. Yeah.. there were few instances where I ate chillies because I was busy reading to notice what’s going into my mouth. My mom used to give me hard stares when I bring a book to the dining table, but eventually, she stopped bothering.

I read in the late nights because the characters in my book might do something overnight. Sleep can wait, don’t you think?

I read while I poop. What? Yeah, I am not gonna waste those precious few minutes doing nothing in the bathroom. I can definitely finish up 3-4 pages in that time. ūüėĀ

I read while I commute. I read while chopping, walking, talking, drinking and thinking. that’s very obvious given my obsession.

Please share your views and tell me about your obsession of reading. After all, we all are birds of same feather. Cheers!

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A Crafter Knits A Clue by Holly Quinn – Book Review

A Crafter Knits a Clue is an enjoyable book. It is well crafted. The detailing is extraordinary. I wouldn’t call it a twisty mystery, but its a simple one and easily executed. Samantha Kane is a fine character but not a very strong influence. Sammy is shown as a girl next door who is too curious about things happening around her. Sammy sticking to the store in memory of her deceased friend and to continue her legacy is heart-touching. The best thing about this book is the way the author Holly Quinn took me through the streets of Heartsford, Wisconsin. I could visualize the whole small town in my mind while reading this book. The Detective Nash Character is nice but I was hoping for little more bonding between Sammy and Nash in the novel. I felt the incidents between Sammy and Nash were not enough. I like the idea of Community Craft encouraging the local talent and selling the crafts created by them. The Spring Fling is fun to read about. The small community of Heartsford helping each other out during crisis is nicely told. Also, the pros and cons of gossip in small towns is also well explained. The three sisters diving into the investigation to bring peace to their small community is impressive. There is quite a bit of mentioning about guilts of different persons in different circumstances through the story and that is thought-provoking.
Overall, I enjoyed the book. It is not very intense but easy to read to the eyes and to the mind. I must say again that the detailing is great, from the way a particular character is sitting on the table with a fist supporting her chin, to the character visualizing another character’s explanation, it’s very nice. The perks of reading the book are the crafting guidelines at the end of the book for knitting various types of socks.

This gave me a cozy feeling after my intense last book Atlas Shrugged.

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A Crafter Knits a Clue: A Handcrafted Mystery



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What turned you into a book-worm?

Hi Readers,

Howz your day going? I’m sure most of you are snuggled into a corner on a comfy couch holding your book in one hand and a hot cuppa coffee in another. That’s how I spend most of my days. Today when I woke up to the prickling rays of the hot sun, I wanted to ditch my daily chores and drown in the pages of my latest read. I didn’t know if I loved reading or if I was ADDICTED. I wondered why I enjoy the company of books more than humans, why I preferred the fantasy world in the books to the real world I’m living in. From my early childhood, I remember that my favorite pastime is reading books. I rarely went outside to play with friends. I read almost every book from my school library and my town library. My mom would bring me more books and I would read them within 2-3 days.

I guess I found it interesting living through the lives of the characters in the book. Books also gave me loads of information and I call it knowledge. I knew how it was during the world war, what it was like being a refugee, how to build a tent and why is plastic dangerous to our ecosystem, just by sitting at home. My addiction was fueled by the books my mom bought me almost every other week. She was a reader, too and I wonder if reading got into me by genes.

During my adolescence, I guess no friend could clear my doubts like books did. I found not one but so many best friends in books.

I developed a huge urge for traveling and I would blame it on my books. The more I read, the more I wanted to travel to new places. Since I had no luxury to do that, I read even more books to compensate my urge… hahhha…. vicious cycle… isn’t it?

Anyways, now I’m not a book-worm anymore, I would call myself a book dragon, if at all there exists a word like that. Now I wish I knew all the languages in this world so that I could read books from every language that is known. See what I mean when I call myself a book dragon? LOL!

Please share your stories, tell me why you got so addicted to books, what was that first book that made you want to read more and more… I’ll look forward to hearing from you. Got to go, I’ve got a book to finish.

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A Fist Around The Heart – Review

I never had a sister but I always wished I had one because I always thought I wouldn’t have to look outside for a best friend and an ally if I had a sister. The story revolves around two sisters Anna and Esther who born in Russia but sent to live in Winnipeg with the Count and Countess. Esther is elder to Anna, beautiful but emotionally disturbed. Anna is the younger one, tall, but stronger with independent ideas. Esther has her episodes now and then and Anna is always there to support her. Anna is shocked by Esther’s sudden death. The bond between the two sisters is incredibly written. This is not the kind of bond I assumed of with my imaginary sister, but its very different. They are two different people but the sisterhood always brings them together. They are always there for each other whenever there is a significant incident in their lives. Anna’s rebellious nature attracted me. She does what she likes. Anna and Esther both had troubled childhood when they were taken away from their parents, but they both did their part to the less fortunate by¬†volunteering at various causes. The Count and the Countess were of great influence. Many other supporting characters like Vera, the police inspector, Nathaniel, Oscar are well written.

The books took me through the whole Great War period, the If Day and how Jews were affected during that time. I could say this is a historical book. I felt that the book ended too soon. I’m sure the author has her reasons. All in all, I enjoyed the book. I look forward to reading more books from Heather Chisvin.

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October – Movie Review

Came out of the theater a little while ago, and I’m still in a trance. It’s nothing like a regular Bollywood movie.

First of all, the pace is little slow, but I guess, it wouldn’t have touched my heart, if it was any faster. The story is about two colleagues who barely talked to each other. A sudden mishap turns them into something beyond words. I couldn’t call them lovers because, not once in the whole movie they talk about love. The story basically didn’t have much to say, but it felt so real and I just traveled along with the characters all through the movie. Shoojit Sircar’s direction is amazing, as usual. The camera work is incredible. Every detail shown on screen is just mesmerizing. It felt so real, nothing artificial. The raindrops, the green leaves drenched in rain, the gushing waterfalls, the corridors, even the hospital rooms, looked beautiful. I realized I need to soak myself in more nature after watching the movie. Hats off to Avik Mukhopadhyay. The background score by Shantanu Moitra is a big plus for the movie.

The script by Juhi Chaturvedi is amazing. I could feel the love, the pain and the grief while watching the movie. There is no romance between the hero and the heroine, not some heavy dialogues, nothing. Yet, I could feel the love. Even by the end, I walked out of the theater wishing Shivli (Banita Sandhu) said something about Dan (Varun Dhawan). It broke my heart to watch Dan picking up Shivli’s¬†death certificate. They both played their characters beautifully. The mother of Shivli played by Gitanjali Rao is a portrait of pain. Every other supporting character in the movie played their part well.

I expected a romantic past or a diary revealing Shivli’s feelings, or a closure. But, there was nothing and that is the beauty of the movie.

If you are looking for something different, please go watch October. This movie brought back my soul’s conscience. It took a piece of my heart. The trailer is right, it’s not a love story, it’s a story about love.

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Atlas Shrugged – Review

I became a huge fan of Ayn Rand when I read The Fountain Head at the age of 20. Now after reading Atlas Shrugged, I am amazed. The way Ayn gave the details of the state of the industry, politics and people during that time left me speechless. I am totally in love with Dagny.. what a woman? The three other key characters Francisco, Hank and John Galt are wonderful men. The way they stood for what they believed in, made me believe in myself. I could not put the book down till the last page. I wanted to read it as fast as I could to know what my favorite character is upto and didn’t want the book to end, at the same time. This is a must read for every human being. The book has love, romance, courage, hatred, challenge, integrity, loathing, anger and hope

It is a great privilege to love, respect, live and work on one’s own terms. I wonder what Ayn Rand would’ve said if she had seen today’s world.

Hank’s character is the closest to my heart. Hank always wondered about his family members who professed to love him for some unknown reason but ignored all the things for which he could wish to be loved. There are plenty of young men and women who experience the conditional so-called love from family members and partners that chokes them leading to developing not even hatred but indifference.

It always is special to find a mind that we respect, an adversary worth matching..¬†just like Dagny found it in Hank. I totally agree with Dagny who dispises praise and adulation from men whom she doesn’t respect. I can feel what its like to feel the longing for someone you admire, for something, not to look down at, but up to.

By the time I reached the last page, I understood “No one’s happiness but my own is in my power to achieve or to destroy”.

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Come home soon!

The sun felt warm and cozy on my skin making it glow. I guess my skin is preparing itself to melt under your touch.

The air is heavy and carried so many scents. Still, it can never compete with the mixture of our scents.

I noticed my hunger and thirst have increased noticeably. What could have possibly caused that?

I am hearing music everywhere, from the rustling of the fallen leaves to the wind chimes jingling in our balcony.

I think the moon came too close to our window. Looks like it wants to see why I choose your darkness over its silver light every night.

You wanna know why this sudden change in everything and my being?

All my senses are snapped into existence and came alive as soon as I found out that you are coming home. Oh my dear love, how much I missed you from the moment you were gone, I can’t wait to have you in my arms and start living again.

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What’s your escape?

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What do you do when you feel like you are lost in this busy world? What do you do when you feel like you don’t belong?

I feel this crushing feeling that chokes me with the many words I never said. I drag my boat over my shoulder into the sea of existence but it refuses to sail. The simmering darkness inside my soul warns me that the night is going to be very long. How I wish I could escape from this fake world? Well, I tried my ways to get out of the cage of this hypocrite world. But every escape tightens the cuffs I’m shackled in. How I wish I could rip those fake smiles off of people’s faces and find out what they are really like under that mask. The indifference creeps into my veins and starts filling all the chambers of my heart, leaving me ruthless. That makes me want to run away from myself. Tell me, how far is the fortress that is going to help me escape from the demons I created myself? And is it possible ever at all, to be able live escaping all the time?

Share your thoughts, tell me how you escape from your demons..!

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Let’s give it a TRY!

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Did you ever meet someone who feels like your other half? Did you ever wanted to take it to next level, but was scared to do so? Are your past experiences stopping you from taking the next step? Let me tell you a small story about someone who felt just like you…

A boy and a girl knew each other for a long time. They both shared a great bond, they could understand each other without words being said. They shared almost everything and supported each other in many ways. Their relationship had no name but it was nothing less than love. One day she asked him if they can give their relationship a name. He said he is scared to name it and scared to trust anyone to that extent.

She said, “Let’s give it a try. Let’s not commit to anything yet. Let’s say we are going to try swimming in the sea and you are scared of the waves. I’ll hold your hand and walk with you down the beach till where the blue waters kiss the sand. Let’s get in a little farther till we go knee deep. Since you are scared from the start, I’m not going to force you to go any further. But if you choose to get adventurous and try a little bit more, I’m not going to leave your hand. I’ll show you what its like to be in a relationship with me. I’m going to show you what its like when the waves of my love caress¬†your feet. I’m leaving it to you to imagine how it’s gonna be when you let yourself into this relationship. The sea holds treasures of plenty of emotions, you can find corals of my love deep down the seabed. When your love for me shines like the Sun, I’m gonna turn orange reflecting your colors. I’m not going to lie to you.. there will be some storms when the wind blows the wrong way, but I promise we’ll work out a way to get through them together. We can build our dreams together like kids build sandcastles on the beach. You can get a glimpse of me, of US when we are a couple. If you like it, let’s get into it more, swim together and explore the depths of each other’s souls. I think it would be my biggest regret if we don’t give us a chance. What do you say?”

He looked into her eyes thoughtfully, smiled and agreed. Thus, started their love story!

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Tale of Two Friends


The Beginning!

Long time ago, there was a boy named Aaron and a girl named Christine. Aaron and Christine met at college on the first day of graduation. They were two completely different people, almost disliked each other immediately. It was IRRITATION at FIRST SIGHT! Yeah, that’s right. She was smart and he was not very clever. They kept quarreling about a lot of things, about classes, about lecturers, about the food in the canteen, about break time, what not? They literally hated each other for the first few months of their college.Every day, she goes back home and rants to his sister about him, spitting anger about the things that Aaron did. After a few weeks, her sister laughed at Christine and said, “Christine, by the end of your college, you are going to come to me and say that you are in love with Aaron. We’ll talk that day!”. Christine¬†smiled and said that its never gonna happen. Afterall, what did she know about the future?

One day, when Christine and Aaron were on a college tour, they realized that the fight is not worth it, given the 4 long years they were supposed to see each other and study together. They signed a peace treatise. They started sharing their meals, eating together, hanging out together, studying together, going out on projects together, almost spending every second together. She would call him when she gets on the bus, he’ll join her on the way and they reach the college together. They would listen to the same FM station and talk about the playlist even when they are not together. Now that they realized they have a¬†lot of common interests, they both were surprised but they never let it show. After going home, she would call him in the evening and talk a while about the day they had and promised to meet him again next day. Whenever they went on projects, they would eat in a restaurant and share the bill.

The bond was so natural and everybody started treating them as if they were a couple. Aaron and Christine laughed at them. You won’t believe me if I said, they never even held each other’s hands. But in winter, when the wind chills her spine, she would simply hold his hand sitting next to him in the classroom. He would bring her food that his mother cooked. Whenever Christine asks Aaron to go to a¬†movie with her, he would deny saying he wouldn’t want to give a reason to the rumors about their relationship. By the end of the first year, they were almost attached at the hip, seen everywhere together. They teased each other, laughed at each other and supported each other.

You are totally mistaken if you even think for a second that they stopped fighting. The fights never seized. They were there almost every other day. Inspite of their fights, it never occurred to them that, they might never patch up. Because, not a fight lasted for more than few hours, they would patch up every single time and each fight strengthened their bond. During these fights, they would sit away from each other in the classroom. Even their fights were beautiful. One day, when Aaron and Christine had an argument, their friend Cheryl tried to mediate. That’s when Professor James advised Cheryl never to interfere with anything that has to do with Aaron and Christine,¬†because¬†they will always go back together and that Cheryl will always remain the third person. He also told her that not a thing in this world can ever break Aaron and Christine’s bond.

Aaron came from a dysfunctional family. One day when things were not good at home, he called Christine. He didn’t say a word. He simply cried.. cried for almost 2-3 minutes. Christine stayed¬†on line, listened to him crying silently. Once he pulled himself together, he simply said, “Bye!” and disconnected the phone. Christine didn’t talk about it next day when they met in college, because she believed that if it was something she had to know, Aaron would tell about it himself.. she wouldn’t have to ask! That was the kind of the bond they shared.

To be Continued…

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